Research into the spiritual lives of seventy thousand Americans—of all ages, from nearly every corner of the nation—is proving something many Christians have doubted: There’s power in God’s Word. A majority of those we surveyed showed us that consistently engaging the Bible is the key to knowing God intimately, getting unstuck, and growing spiritually. Yes, it really works—despite what we may have been told! The sixty-six love letters from our Creator are far from irrelevant. To the contrary, getting God’s words from our head to our heart (and eventually into our feet) can result in amazing changes that transform how we think, love, live, and serve.

Research Reveals: It’s no secret: Life, faith, and spiritual growth are often messy and unpredictable. The truth is, we don’t mature and move toward God in a sequential and linear fashion. Spiritual growth moves in multiple directions (toward self and toward Christ) all at once. Accepting this is important for getting unstuck.

Research Reveals: Christians grow through relationship, not religion. We stall when we focus on impersonal formulas and empty habits.

Research Reveals: There’s a huge disconnect between what American Christians think about the Bible and what they do with it. Almost all say it’s their life authority, yet just two in five have read the whole thing. Virtually all say it’s relevant to their daily lives, but only half read it daily.

Research Reveals: Four out of five respondents reported being tempted between one and ten times a day.

Research Reveals: We can recover from self-defeating choices—and, ultimately, get unstuck spiritually—if we learn how to “crawl, walk, and run” when we face a battle.

Research Reveals: In order to get unstuck spiritually, we must begin to have a two-way relationship with Jesus Christ and endeavor to live as a relational Christ-follower.

Research Reveals: The truth of 2 Timothy 3:16 was put to the test in a random sample of 2,967 teens and adults who engaged the Bible four or more times a week. They reported a deeper relationship with God and also showed improved moral behaviors.

Research Reveals: Receiving Scripture daily—along with reflecting on it and responding to it—transforms us. We can expect (1) direction from God, (2) the ability to discern His truth from competing voices, (3) freedom from wrong thinking, and (4) a way to withstand temptation.

Research Reveals: Ongoing study reveals that emotional well-being, hope, and the fruit of the Spirit (as outlined in Galatians 5:22–23) thrive when we engage the Bible, not by reading other “religious works” or secondary sources.

Research Reveals: We lose the day spiritually . . . When we don’t engage God When we don’t engage Scripture When we stay in a “notional relationship” When we replace intimacy with ritual When we get comfortable with selfishness, wrong thinking, and soul-harming behaviors.

Research Reveals: Bible disengagement leaves believers ignorant of basic scriptural truths, vulnerable to false teachings, spiritually immature, and reflecting not on the one true God but on a fantasy-based image.

Research Reveals: We’re most likely to become effectively unstuck—to experience lasting change—through an intentional, ongoing growth process based in personal connection with God. (To begin, we recommend engaging Him at least four days a week for a minimum of forty consecutive days).

Research Reveals: Sin doesn’t happen in a vacuum. One person’s sin affects others. It’s the same with spiritual growth—one person’s victory affects others too.

Research Reveals: Mature believers say relationship with Jesus means personal, two-way communication, which involves trust, commitment, and authenticity. Intimacy and growth are inseparable.

Unstuck: Your Life. God’s Design. Real Change. by Michael Ross, Arnie Cole

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