True prayer belongs in the small group because its effects are enhanced in community. It allows a group to learn more about God. Small group prayer also helps people know each other better.

When we share communication with God, we are also communicating with each other. In prayer our greatest desires often pour forth. We exchange, with God and each other, our vision, love for God, and motivation to follow God. Listening to a new believer pray is like receiving a breath of fresh air. Hearing a mature believer converse with the master is a rich experience. Sharing prayer with teachers, young mothers, teens, construction workers, and other kinds of persons, helps you understand their world much better.

Small group prayer also gives structure to the rejoicing, suffering body of Christ spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12. It is hard to get a fellowship of 80—or 250 or 1,000—to identify intimately with your struggles and joys. It is much easier to share together in prayer with a group of six close friends. People who share prayer needs and joys in a small group are loved and cared for.



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