My #1 job is writing Good Questions Have Groups Talking. I would argue I have written more Bible Study Lessons than any human, living or dead.

Good Questions consist of 20 or so ready-to-use lessons that have groups talking. Answers are provide in the form of quotes from world class writers such as. . .

  • Max Lucado
  • Charles Stanley
  • Charles Swindoll
  • Warren Weirsbe
  • John MacArthur
  • Beth Moore

By quoting writers like these, you will sound brilliant. Lessons are available on a subscription basis. They can be purchased by an individual, but are much less expensive if the whole church gets access. The more teachers you have sign up, the more economical it is:

Number of teachers Cost per year Cost per teacher per year
5 $99 $20
12 $199 $17
25 $299 $12
50 $499 $10
200 $699 $3

Free trials are available. Sign up here