A brash statement, I know. Please let me explain.

Writing brilliant lessons is nearly impossible. Finding brilliant material is not impossible but it is hard work.

Most curriculum writing processes work like this. First, a group decides on a general outline of what a series of lessons will be about. Then, they try to find someone to write something brilliant about it. Turns out, this is nearly impossible. (This is one of the reasons I have long been a fan of Lifeway’s Masterwork Series. They go at it the other way. They find an author who has already written something brilliant and then condense it down to a curriculum series. It is the only curriculum I have known that people routinely and gladly read. Most curriculum is never read.)

It is nearly impossible assign someone the responsibility of writing something brilliant on an assigned text or topic. And, the people who write most curriculm are not best-selling brilliant writers. (Again, Masterwork is the exception.) What is possible—though quite a bit of work—is finding brilliant material that brilliant writers have already written.

This would not have been possible before software that allows us to index and search what has been written. For example, here is a partial list of some of the Max Lucado books in my Logos library:

(The actual total is 58 Lucado books—so far.) I am doing a lesson just now on Psalm 103. If Lucado happened to write anything on Psalm 103 in any of those 58 books I will likely find it. It will likely be brilliant; Lucado often is. When you quote or paraphrase Lucado, you will sound brilliant.

And, of course, it is not just Lucado. That is just an example. I have 2105 books in my Logos Library and another 14,757 in WordSearch. Plus, about a thousand Kindle books.

I spend the better part of every day pouring through this vast and expanding library to find the best of the best. This is what I put in Good Questions Have Groups Talking.

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