Ninety-nine percent (99%) said, “I make certain that we set achievable goals, make concrete plans, and establish measurable milestones for the projects and programs that we work on.” Making a difference in many people’s lives seldom happens by accident. It requires an intentionality that involves a purpose and planning, seeking God’s guidance in reaching a lost world for the cause of Jesus Christ. A DM leads his congregation to establish goals, trusting God to empower and stretch the congregation to accomplish what would not likely have been possible without verbalizing new milestones. For example, if the goal is to baptize twelve people this year, then a measurable milestone would be one new believer being baptized each month. Staying ahead of the pace is a cause for celebration. Falling behind the pace serves to urge the leadership to increase efforts seek any and all means to share the gospel with more unbelievers. The DM understands that more people are likely to be reached even if the goal is not surpassed because of the consistent focus on prayer, plans, and the proclamation of the gospel. — Steve Parr