Ninety-nine percent (99%) identified that “Our church has a system to evaluate whether goals have been met or not.” An athlete, employee, or student only knows whether they have met or exceeded expectations if they know what their goals are in advance. DMs understand that the same rule applies inside the church. Ministry may keep one busy but may not produce the fruit God expects of his children. The congregation that aims at nothing will hit it every time. The absence of goals can cause churches and individuals to get stuck in a world of maintenance. Once you can visualize the desired outcome, there is a valid way to determine whether your ministry opportunities are headed in the right direction. DMs want to be sure to follow up on their planning therefore leading the church to make wise choices and setting the standards needed for future planning. The utilization of goals and evaluation is not a secular endeavor but a tool to keep the congregation working at what matters most instead of ministering in general and hoping good things happen. — Steve Parr