The first person to sell a million copies of a book on Kindle did it by selling them at $.99. He says at that price you remove all friction. People will buy on a whim. I am going to give it a try. It is basically the Walmart way of marketing: sell them cheap and make it up on volume.

I have a number of books on Kindle for only $.99. You can read these on a Kindle, computer, IPad, or any smart phone or tablet.

Oh, also, if you have purchased any of these and wouldn’t mind leaving a positive review I would really appreciate it.

Good Questions Have Groups Talking

This is the book on how I write Good Questions.

10 Marks of Incredible Small Group Leaders

Want to be an Incredible Small Group Leader? This books shows you how.

Enjoying God

We must come to love the Christian life or we will never come to live the Christian life.

Technology and the Sunday School

This books covers everything from texting to Facebook to Logos Bible Software.

Teach Like Jesus

It is not enough to teach what Jesus taught. We must learn to teach HOW Jesus taught.

Christian Hospitality

Christian Hospitality

Formerly titled, Give Friday Nights to Jesus, this book outlines the core aspect of the Double Your Class Strategy.

One Magnificent Obsession

One Magnificent Obsession

Doubling groups every two years or less will only happen if it becomes a bit of an obsession. This is a short sermon book that used to be the first half of the Double Your Class seminar.

The Amazing Power of Doubling Groups

The Amazing Power of Doubling Groups

A group of ten that doubles every 18 months will reach 1000 people in 10 years. There is a worldwide movement by which this is actually happening. This book tells story after story of doubling group movements.



This book, written by Missy Hunt, shares practical ways to teach kids at church.