How do you feel about the Bible Study Lesson you are using?

I have asked this question a number of times when teaching Bible Study leaders: How many times has your life been changed by Bible Study Curriculum? More than once, groups have spontaneously laughed out loud. Bible Study Leaders don’t seem too fired up about the Bible Study Lessons they are using.

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Follow up question: How many times has your life been changed by. . .

  • A book?
  • A conversation?

Better Bible Study Lessons mean better Bible Study

I have designed Good Questions Have Groups Talking around this insight: books by world-class writers and stimulating, honest conversations are two influences that God has used to change lives. Each lesson consists of about 20 ready-to-use questions that get groups talking. (They also save you time in preparation.)

Answers are provided in the form of short quotes from well-known authors such as John MacArthur, Beth Moore, Max Lucado, and a host of others. I also include quotes from the same commentaries that your pastor uses in sermon preparation. I try to find crisp life-changing nuggets to put in the hands of teachers. I want to make you sound brilliant. Every Sunday School lesson is filled with stories that get people’s attention.

Sunday School’s #1 complaint

The number one complaint I hear about Sunday School Lessons  is this: they lack depth. They are predictable. They are same-old, same-old. In fact we have a phrase we use that comes out of this: A Sunday School answer. What is a Sunday School answer? Is it a well-thought through, insightful answer to a significant question? That is my mission: to make a Sunday School answer a well-thought-through, deep, insightful answer to a significant question.

50 years ago “Made in Japan” meant a cheap, low-quality piece of junk. Today, it means high-quality. My dream is that “Sunday School answer” will see a similar change. Good Questions with answers from world-class authors can change all that.

Why isn’t our Sunday School growing?

A lot of people are asking today, “How can we make our Sunday School grow again?” We assume we need a better outreach strategy. That may be true in some cases. In many cases, we don’t need a better outreach strategy; we need a better Bible Study experience. We don’t need better advertising; we need a better product.

I have spent the last 15 years speaking in church on how to grow a Sunday School. Along the way, I have attended a lot of adult Sunday School classes. More than once I walk out, shake my head and say to myself, “I give my life to promoting this?” No amount of promotion or outreach in the world will help a Sunday School if the individual class is not interesting, stimulating, challenging, informative and fun. People won’t tell their friends to come to something they don’t enjoy attending.

I’d like to ask you to give Good Questions a try. They correspond with Lifeway’s outlines and can be used supplementally or stand-alone. Most churches use them supplementally. I’d like to offer you a free trial you can use with all of your teachers.These lessons are used by hundreds of churches, including some of the nation’s leading Sunday Schools such as Houston’s First Baptist Church. Get a free trial today. What do you have to lose?


What Other have said. . .

 We have been using Josh’s Good Questions in our Sunday School for a number of years, and our teachers depend on them for lesson preparation and class room discussion. I use them in the Sunday School class I teach, and it has been my experience that we have best overall class participation when I talk the least. The questions and discussion are relevant and thought-provoking as we relate the Bible passages to daily living and discipleship. Our church purchases a user-bundle since it is more cost-effective that way. Many of our classes follow Josh’s recommendations for socials and parties which proves to be successful attracting prospects and guests to Sunday School. The effectiveness of our teachers and classes is much better using Josh’s Good Questions.
Tom Farr
Minister of Education
First Baptist Church LaGrange, GA

I use Good Questions in my Sunday School classroom to supplement a focused driven series of lessons to mentor young leaders and couples into becoming disciples who “make a difference.” The small group format works! Our class has grown, graduated and is growing again. The fellowship principles and engaging questions proves to be a welcomed addition to a balanced approach of reaching, teaching and equipping disciples for Christ.
Mark Estes
South Boston Church of God
South Boston, Virginia

If it was good enough for Jesus … it’s good enough for me!  I’m not saying Jesus used Josh Hunt’s Good Questions, but Jesus did a majority of His teach using good questions.  Josh creatively helps us teach like Jesus did.  Questions draw class members into the educational process.  They retain more.  They enjoy the class more.  Josh has done a lot of the creative work for me in thinking through the questions to use in the lessons.  That makes my prep time shorter and my presentations more effective.  A great value.
Richard Gaia
Minister of Education & SS teacher
First Baptist Church
Hendersonville, TN

Josh Hunt’s ‘Good Questions’ has proven to be an invaluable resource for my Adult Sunday School organization. One of the hardest aspects of Educational Ministry is finding teachers who can lead a class. Most people have the ability, but they are intimidated and don’t know where to start. ‘Good Questions’ gives people the tools to be able to not only start, but carry through discussion, and makes preparation for even the most inexperienced teacher far less stressful. With one set of about twenty questions (and answers) almost anyone can lead a vibrant and productive discussion that will lead people to dig-in to God’s word and change their lives forever. I cannot recommend ‘Good Questions’ any higher.
-John Harris
Adult Pastor
First Baptist Maryville, IL

I have been using Good Questions for about three years. The background information and the questions that are presented are great supplements to the MasterWorks series. Based on my recommendation, several other Sunday school teachers at my church are using Good Questions (using the five teacher subscription). We all are using the materials as conversation starters and as ways to dig deeper in the Bible. Thanks again for this valuable resource.
Ricky Telg
Northwest Baptist Church
Gainesville, FL
Age: 35-50

I am actually using GOOD QUESTIONS for our Ladies Bible Study. I meet with 5 ladies on Tues night whose ages are in their 30/40’s and repeat the study on Wed morning with an additional 10-12 ladies, mostly retirement age. We really enjoy the many anecdotes and stories ( I especially like the book references you give along with the stories). They work for all ages.

Your questions make all of us think and dig a little deeper. I like having the additional resource literally at my fingertips!! THANK-YOU! My new Pastor gave me this resource when I presented a study plan which involved purchasing books and teacher manual(more costly than your program). He suggested with a good study Bible and your questions I may not need much more, he was right, saved our group money and saved time for me. THANK-YOU!
Sandra Seckman
Beaverton Michigan
Church of the Nazarene

I teach adult Sunday school at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Easley, SC.  As a former high school history teacher, I like to research the scriptures for our lessons to find interesting facts, stories, and translations of certain Greek/Hebrew words.  The Good Questions series gives this to me.  I use the questions to enhance interest along with my other study helps.  Some Sundays I use more of the information than others.  That is the good thing about Good Questions.  You can use as much of it as you like each week.  However,  if you will read the questions and answers for that week, it will give you a solid background to use in studying the lesson.  After reading the scripture and then Good Questions, you can dig deeper into the lesson and make your presentation not only knowledgeable but interesting.
Jack King
Piedmont, SC

I have been using Good Questions it seems for years. I don’t know what I would do without these questions that are written for our Explore the Bible Sunday Schools lessons. These questions not only help me prepare the lesson but actually get people talking. As a teacher I have always said I’m not going to give a boring lecture but the class must participate  in the lesson and this is what happens when I use Good Questions.
Bill Stone
Cherokee Hills Baptist Church
Adult 3 Focus Dept
Oklahoma City, OK

“I have utilized Josh Hunt’s ‘Good Questions’ lesson helps in several churches. Our teachers consider them an invaluable resource in planning lessons that engage learners in  meaningful dialogue and discussion. I heartily recommend ‘Good Questions’ for any class that is serious about growing both spiritually and numerically.”
Discipleship Pastor
Park Hill Baptist Church

I have taught women’s classes in Sunday School for 50 years, and have always used questions as my teaching method. I never had a source to help me with good questions  (and I’m not smart enough to think them up on my own), until I found Josh Hunt’s “Good Questions Have Groups Talking.” His questions are very thought provoking and on target with each lesson. I feel that I, along with each class I teach, have benefited greatly from his questions.
We have all grown spiritually, and the lively questions keep up the interest. Thank you, Josh, for this service!
Nadell Wilson
Southcrest Baptist Church
Lubbock, Texas
Ladies, ages 45
and up

I have certainly appreciated the helps and good questions for our Sunday School lessons. It has added more interest and response than anything else I have tried. There have been many lessons that needed some thought provoking questions. Thank-you so much, Josh for making teaching more interesting and teachable.
Arlene Burgess
Ladies class
First Baptist Church
Hendersonville, TN