I have been a big fan of the Kindle since I bought mine 3 years or so ago. I currently have 950 kindle books. I think I have purchased my last.

I am switching to Logos / Vyrso books. (Same format; different names. I don’t get it either.)

Here is why I am making the switch:

  • I can still read books on my Kindle Fire using the Logos app. It is not quite as slick as the native Kindle reader, but it works.
  • All Bible verses are indexed in the Logos program. If I buy a John Ortberg book and he mentions John 3.16 and I do a study of John 3.16, the Ortberg book will show up.
  • All books are searchable in the Logos system. I was recently curious about the cost of evangelism. Do a search for cost AND evangelism and any book that has these two words near each other shows up.
  • The copy and paste works much better. This is the main thing I use books for. Of course, I read as well, but my day job is writing Good Questions Have Groups Talking. I quote a lot from people like Max Lucado and Charles Swindoll. I will spare you the details, but it is a lot easier copy and pasting from Logos.
  • Summary: I can still read books on my Kindle Fire but can research them much better if they are Logos / Vyrso books.

How kindle could get me back: create a desktop app that allows me to search ALL my books.