Here is my story. I have always lived Sunday School. Started out being Sunday School director in about 1978. Served as Sunday School director in two churches. Then God called me into the ministry in October 1997. To my first church as minister of Ed. In January 1999. Then at this church in October 2008. In the summer of 2010 I ask God to give me some principles that I have used that have ever failed. So here they are, principles that I am doing that have ever failed, and I am on my third class seen the fall of 2010. These principles will work for an old class or starting a new class. For teachers who would love for their class to grow.

  1. The teacher much love people:
  2. Pray weekly for class members, and prospects:
  3. Be prepared on Sunday morning to teach:
  4. Organize the class with care group leaders, prayer leader, fellowship leader, and mission leader:
  5. Be involved in outreach, and encourage the class to get involved:
  6. Be passionate and excited:

In September of 2010 we started a new class with me my wife and three other couples. One guy of the three couples saying he would take the class in one year. August of 2011 there was 38 enroll with an avenge of 24 each Sunday.

September 2011 I and my wife and three other couples from that class started another class. August of 2012 with 29 enrolled an avenge of 19 each Sunday.

September 2012 I have talked another class that was down to about 5 or 6 people each Sunday. With seven Sundays in the New Year our low attendance has been 9 with a high of 17 people. Praise the Lord for the increase.

Josh these six principles have not failed me not one time.

  • The teacher Much Love People
  • The teacher Much Pray for his people, and those that God is going to seen weekly.
  • The teacher Much have something to say on Sunday.
  • The teacher Much be willing to organize his class. People will do it. All we have to do is pray and ask them, and they will. Just let them know what you want them to do.
  • A teacher that will not knock on doors, his class will not grow.
  • A teacher much be glad to be in class on Sunday, and let it show.

Charles Simmons
Minister of Education
Sardis Springs Baptist Church
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