You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or LessI hate to admit it, but there are verses I am not all that excited about. There are times when loving your neighbor can be a drag. There are times when being submissive to all authority is a pain. I wish, at times, that these commands were not in the Bible. But this command . . . I like this one.

I love being full of spiritual fervor and not lacking in zeal. This is what I want to be. If I could choose any mood to be in all the time, it would be continually fired up by and for God. It is then that what God wants of me is totally congruent with what I want to do. My will and God’s lay parallel. We often think of our will and God’s will as being at odds with each other, but it is often not true. When I am full of spiritual zeal, my will and God’s will are the same. I want to be full of zeal. Don’t you?

Don’t miss the fact that this is a command. To live a life full of zeal is just as much a command as the command to obey the government or love all people. It is a command. It is something that God desires that we do. Living a life of zeal is not only a joy to me, it is a command of God. This is something we need to take seriously. — Josh Hunt. You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less.