Are you available to the children you teach? Available on a week night when they call you at home or when they need someone to talk to? Available to meet with them outside of class time? Do your students view you as you view your pastor – one who is committed to the flock (your students) 24/7? Are you available when the minister of education, pastor, or Sunday school director calls on you to help out when needed? I’m talking about times outside of the one hour a week when you teach.

Can you be called on by church leaders at any time to meet the needs of the kids whenever one arises? Can they count on you to have a good attitude when they make that call? Do your students and their parents have your phone number, e-mail address, and physical address? Do they feel comfortable calling on you when they have a need?


When you promise to be a children’s leader, it should be with the understanding that you will consistently be available to them. Remember, we are to be a picture of Christ to our students, and we know we can count on Him to be there for us no matter what the clock says or what the occasion. You may be saying, “But, Missy, I’m not Jesus.” I realize you have a life of your own and you can’t be all things to all people all of the time. It’s an attitude of availability that I am referring to here. Ultimately it’s about the condition of your heart.