Do you think you know all you need to know concerning children’s ministry? Do you suspect you know enough? Even if it were possible for us to read every book ever written and listen to every sermon/talk ever given on children’s ministry, we would need to go back and start all over again once we got to the end because we would have forgotten most of it!

We are never too smart to learn or re-learn something that can help us be a better children’s teacher. Yes, it takes time to be trained, to learn, to read, and listen, but ultimately we all do what we want to do. If you want to be the best at something, you will train and strive to do so. Excuses are available by the millions. The question is, do you want to learn more or not? Do you want to get better at the craft of teaching and reaching or are you comfortable with the way things are now? We will only come to the end of our gaining of knowledge when we choose to stop taking in new information or when God takes us home.

Let us be lovers of knowledge, but not just for the sake of becoming smarter. Let us attempt to become more informed and plugged in to new ways to teach children. We never know what might be the key to reaching that next child for Jesus. Therefore, we want to learn all we can, so that we are prepared to reach all kinds of kids in all kinds of ways.