If you are faithful to God, you will be faithful to your students and your church. Being faithful means that you are true to your word. It means that you are doing what you said you would do. When you signed on to be a part of your church’s leadership team in children’s ministry, you told someone that you would fill a particular need. Have you been faithful to do so? That is a huge commitment, and my hope is that you counted the cost before diving in. Teaching children is no small job, but there are amazing dividends in the end to the one who is faithful to do what they have been called to do in Jesus’ name.

A faithful teacher:

  • Shows up for class on time
  • Studies the lesson to be taught before the ride to church on Sunday morning
  • Has classroom supplies ready before class begins
  • Attends teachers’ meetings when asked to
  • Supports programs and ministries of the church
  • Faithfully attends local church worship services and Bible studies
  • Respects the leaders of the church
  • And, most important of all, is faithful to pursue a vibrant and real relationship with God