Obedience (Custom) (2)I will never forget the man who said that last line to me. It brings tears to my eyes just to think of it. He was sitting in about the third row, by the left aisle in the center section. He told me he wouldn’t be able to double his class in two years or less. He wanted me to know why. He had a “reasonable explanation.” He had a group of 18 men. They were in a room that held 20 chairs. Clearly, he couldn’t double.

You might imagine what I told him. “Have you ever thought about moving half the guys down the hall and starting a new group? Have you thought of speaking 2 Timothy 2:2 into the life of one of your men and asking him to step up and lead a group? Have you thought about dividing?”

“Oh yes, we have thought long and hard about it. My pastor bugs me about that all the time. My Minister of Ed has tried to get me to divide. I have talked to my group. They have talked to my group. [Don’t miss this next line….] We are not willing to do that.”


The word hung in the air. He didn’t say he didn’t think it was God’s will. He didn’t say he didn’t think it was strategic. He didn’t say he didn’t think it was wise. He said he was not willing.

It is my conviction that those are words no Christian ought to say to his or her Lord about anything. Not willing? Excuse me? Who is God? Who is slave?

Jesus taught that when the servant is willing and does his duty he earns the title, “unworthy servant.” He only did his duty (see Luke 17:10).

Josh Hunt. Obedience.
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