Obedience (Custom) (2)My first book had to do with churches using various styles of music to reach their community. For me it is Missions 101. (I grew up as a missionary’s kid in the Philippines.) All missionaries know: You use the stuff and the style of a culture to reach that culture. We try to get the architecture to blend in. We serve their food at the pot-luck dinners. We play their style of music in the worship service. It is not about what kind of music the missionary likes. It is about what will help the locals to worship God and reach their community.

I used to do seminars on that. I got weary of the predictability of the response. People didn’t say it wasn’t biblical or wise or strategic. They just said they didn’t like that kind of music and were not willing to change from music they liked to reach people God loves.

Not willing.

It is a question of obedience.

It may not be wise. It may not be biblical. It may not be strategic. It may not be smart. But, if we don’t start with a basic willingness to do whatever our Lord asks us to do, we need to settle that problem first. We don’t settle this issue at a seminar. We settle this issue on our knees in prayer. We settle this issue at the altar.

Josh Hunt. Obedience.
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