good-question-hoseaI have recently completed a request for some custom lessons for Houston’s First Baptist Church. It occurs to me your church might need some custom lessons from time to time.

Perhaps you are doing a special emphasis on giving or evangelism, and you want lessons to go along with the theme of the sermons for a month or so. Maybe you would like to design your own church-wide campaign. Maybe you want to experiment with sermon-based small groups. Or maybe you just need one lesson to go along with a special sermon you will be preaching. If I can serve, I would love to help.

Of course, you could write the lessons yourself, and that might be the best way to go. After all, you know what you want said so writing lessons yourself might be your best option. Here are a few reasons you might want to ask me to do it for you:

  • Experience. I would estimate I have written more lessons than any human, living or dead. I write four new lessons a week and have done so for years. I have written thousands of Bible Study Lessons.
  • Resources. I have thousands of books in electronic format that I can quote and include in lessons. These resources are indexed and cross-referenced with scripture passages that make them easy to find. I love including great material from writers like Max Lucado that make the lesson come alive.
  • Perspective. Getting an outside voice to write lessons gives an additional perspective on the topic. Perhaps you want lessons that are on the same text or topic you will be dealing with in your sermons, but you would like them to come from a different perspective.
  • Time. It takes me about half a day to write a lesson. You may not have the time to devote to this. It may be a better use of your time to out-source this.
  • Customizable. Lessons are delivered in Word format. If you wish to customize them further, you are free to do so.

My core ministry is writing Bible Study lessons. If I can serve you in this way, I’d love to help. Cost is negotiable. Think in terms of what you pay your Pastor for half a day. Contact me at or 575.650.4564