technology-and-the-SSMost of you likely use email. This is a technology you can use for the kingdom. I write Sunday School lessons for a living. I have probably written more Sunday School lessons than any human, living or dead. Something I am including in a lot of my lessons these days is something like this:
Email your group and ask them to do a little googling around on the scientific benefits of forgiving others.
Turns out, there is a lot of science on this today. People who forgive are healthier, they have better relationships, they are happier and they are less likely to go bald. OK, I just made that last part up, but the rest of it is right.
Here is a key idea: people learn more from what they discover than what they are told. By emailing your group and asking them to do the research you multiply what you are able to teach them. I write a few blogs that releases articles related to each week’s Sunday School lessons. People can sign up and receive email related to their Sunday School lessons each week. These blogs are:
• Bible Studies for Life Blog
• Explore the Bible Blog
• Masterwork Blog
• International Standard Blog
Email can be used for other purposes as well.

Josh Hunt. Technology and The Sunday School