technology-and-the-SSEmail is a great way to coordinate details of your monthly party. My research shows that groups that have monthly parties are twice as likely to grow when compared with groups that don’t have many parties. (See Make Your Group Grow for details.) Planning the who, what, where, when, how much and so forth is a whole lot easier with email.

Email your prayer requests to the whole group. My mom does this for her Sunday School class. At 91 years old she can’t do as much as she used to do, but she still types up the weekly prayer requests and sends them to everyone.

If you have pastoral care needs, email can help. Do you want a quick and easy way to communicate with everyone that the surgery was a success? Use email.

Here is a helpful note from Joel Beck who read a review copy of this book:

Email:  With respect to email issues, one way my class does it is to set up an email group.  You can do this on yahoo, Google, or some other free provider (But note that some email hosts block Google groups email due to spam issues.  We’ve been on Google for years, but are transitioning this summer to yahoo so that everyone will get the messages).  Using a group means that you don’t have to actually know everybody’s email address.  And some folks change email addresses like clothes.  These groups let folks in the class send an email to one address (for example and the message goes to every class member or visitor whose come enough to warrant getting signed up in the email group.  Yes, one or two people have to administer it to keep it up to date, but it is very easy.

Also, you can form a “closed” group, so that other folks can’t become members without authorization.  Privacy can be important when people need to communicate certain things.

We use our email group for weekly prayer/praise reports, announcements, updates on mission projects, and info. on socials.  It works well.
It just got easier; send one email and everyone gets it.
How do you use email to strengthen your group? Email me at , and I will put it in the next edition.

Josh Hunt. Technology and the Sunday School