JH_Book_Double (Custom) (222)There is an epidemic of loneliness in America. People long for love. They long for the love that only the church can give. God has commanded us to love them and the quickest way for us to reach America for Christ is by loving people through small group ministries. If we love them, they will come.

We can reach America through small groups that double every two years or less. We can make disciples in small groups that grow and double every two years or less. We cannot do it with professionals. Granted, we need professionals to help. I am not against professionals; I am one. But we cannot depend on professionals alone to get the job done. The job is simply too big. We must turn the job over to the people of God. This is the way God designed it in the first place. So, let us get to the work.

Josh Hunt. You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less.