Our next All Star Sunday School Training Event is in Valdosta, GA. The dates are March 15 – 16. Dr. Ken Hemphill and I will be speaking. We will also be doing a meeting in Huntsville, AL on April 5 – 6.

I love doing conferences with Dr. Ken Hemphill. Here are four reasons why:

  • Ken has a proven track record of growing a Sunday School. He speaks with authority and personal experience. He tells lots of stories from the real world of growing a Sunday School. When he was pastor of First Baptist Church, Norfolk, it was the fastest growing church in the convention.
  • Ken speaks to pastors. One of the things we know about church world is that nothing is important until the pastor says it is important. If we are going to see the revitalization of the Sunday School, we must persuade pastors that Sunday School is the key. Ken is uniquely suited to do just that.
  • Ken is a real nuts and bolts guy. His talks are practical and specific. When Ken gets finished, you will know positive steps you can take to grow your Sunday School.
  • Ken has a warm, effective style. He is fun to listen to. You will not only learn from Ken, Ken makes learning a joy.

Costs to attend an All Star Sunday School event are as follows:

  • Individual $25 ($5 discount if you sign up early.)
  • Up to 10 Teachers from one church – $174.99
  • Unlimited teachers from one church – $399.99

To register for this or other All Star Sunday School Training events, see http://www.mybiblestudylessons.com/events

For other All Star Sunday School training events, see http://www.mybiblestudylessons.com/events

To schedule an All Star Sunday School Training event in your area, see http://allstarsundayschool.com/