Christian-Hospitality-FRONTI used to talk about Giving Friday Nights to Jesus based on my own experience. But, I have presented this message to hundreds of churches all across America. I will do my third tour of Australia this year. I will do a hundred and twenty conferences this year and have been presenting this message full time for eight years. And, I am getting really positive feedback.

I had a guy in Florida tell me, “I am hitting 100%. Every single person I have had into my home and fed my coffee cake to has joined my church.” Now, I don’t want to be critical, but Floridians don’t exactly have the most proven track record when it comes to counting, so I am a little suspicious. But, he could be off quite a bit and still this would be an impressive number.

Another guy in Ohio told me he is getting 87%. Eighty-seven percent of the people he had in his home and fed his coffee cake to joined his church. He grew his church from 100 to 1100 in seven years using this strategy. Another guy in Oklahoma told me 90%. Another guy in California told me, “nine out of ten.” Same pastor, same sermons, same music, same everything; the only difference was the coffee cake.

Someone has said, “People come to church for a thousand different reasons but they only stick around for one: friends.” They don’t stick around because of the eloquence of the pastor. They don’t stick around because of the beauty of the choir or because the church has a hot band. They stick around because someone scribbles their name on the back of their phone book. Someone gets their phone number entered into their cell phone. Someone at church becomes their friend.
Josh Hunt. Christian Hospitality.