People-who-enjoy-GodEnjoying God will lead a person to do what commitment alone will never have him doing. Committed people ask questions like, “Do I tithe on the net or the gross?” People who enjoy God are cheerful givers. Committed people witness because they ought to. Good Christians ought to witness. People who enjoy God talk about what they enjoy.

No one was ever a very good dad who didn’t love it. Enjoying being a dad will do what discipline, commitment, resolve, and biting hard on your lower lip will never do. Commitment will motivate a dad to work hard for his kids. Resolve will cause a dad to provide for his kids. Responsibility might even cause a dad to spend some time with his kids.

But responsibility, resolve, and commitment will never get a dad down on the floor and play with his kids. My daddy used to say, “I am going to ‘wool’ you.” I know that is probably not a real word. But you can bet that daddy’s boys knew what it meant. Only enjoying it will cause a dad to get down on the floor and ‘wool’ his boys. (Tickle would be a weak approximation of the word “wool.”)

This is why it is so important that we enjoy God. Enjoying God will lead a person to do what duty, commitment, responsibility, and resolve will never do. Duty will lead a person to attend church, read their Bible, pray, help where they can.

But the Pharisees did that.

And Jesus had the most scathing criticism for the Pharisees. He knew that the great temptation of the religious was legalism. And what he wants is a people who enjoy him.


Josh Hunt. People Who Enjoy Their God.