JH_Book_Disciple300Small group work is a constant adventure. You never know what is going to come up. You never know when someone will tell a story, ask a question or provide an insight that will completely change the direction of the discussion. This is no ride down the water flume at Six Flags. This is real white water rafting, and yes, you really can crash and burn. Lots of people do. I have. Every teacher has. That is the adventure of small group work. It is a lot more fun to play real tennis with back hands and forehands and net volleys and the glory of an overhead smash than it is to go through a bucket of balls for a couple of hours. And this is the glory of small group work! There is nothing like it. What an adventure! As unpredictable as the weather and as fresh as morning coffee. This is no computer simulation. There is no fail-safe mechanism. You really can crash. You can crash badly, and great will be the fall.

This is life. Real people with real needs, real marriages, real kids, real futures, real issues. And every week we get the opportunity to walk into their lives for an hour and do something that is going to make a difference in the other 167 hours and beyond. That beyond includes eternity. What an adventure! What a difference teaching makes.



Josh Hunt. Disciplemaking Teachers.