sticky_church_coverThe switch to sermon-based small groups also allowed me to reach more people. That’s because those who miss church or serve in some area of our ministry are much more likely to get a CD or download the sermon if they’re in a sermon-based small group.

I’d like to think our teaching team’s messages are so amazing that no one wants to miss out. But the truth is that we have a huge spike in CD orders and downloaded sermons when our sermon-based small groups are in session. We also know that most of these are listened to by more than one person—the congregation member and a spouse, a roommate, or a friend.

That means hundreds of people who otherwise wouldn’t hear the message not only hear it but reflect on it and then go to a small group to discuss it. That ought to bring joy to any preacher’s heart.

Osborne, L. W. (2008). Sticky church. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

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