Get your class / small group thinking and participating April 3, 2013
I have been using the Josh Hunt ‘Good Questions’ material for several years now when preparing lessons for the ‘Explore the Bible’ literature. This material contains excellent questions which gets adults thinking about the text being studied. As opposed to a pure lecture format this material contains questions that encourages students to look at the Scripture and internalize it. In addition it pushes them to review the notes…Read More
 Good stuff! April 3, 2013
I have been using Josh’s lessons for several years, they really work well. He always has relevant questions to liven up the class, this is my go-to resource for adult Sunday school class. It will help make your class look forward to Sunday morning! I recommend Josh’s book disciple making teachers as well.
 JHK from SC April 3, 2013
Excellent material for Bible study groups and Sunday Schools. I use it each week to supplement my other resources. Sometimes the the stories within the questions are more valuable to enhance the teaching process than the questions. The setup and planning by Josh Hunt makes teaching easier but also adds depth to the lesson.
 Great resource April 3, 2013
When I write my notes for teaching Sunday School, I start with Josh’s questions, then add input from other sources. His are the best, most interactive questions of any resource I’ve found.
 “Good Questions Have Groups Talking” April 3, 2013
I am a volunteer Sunday School Director in a very small town in southwest Oklahoma
and I supply our Sunday School teachers with the “Good Questions” material weekly and all of our
teachers love them!Lyn Johnson

 Breath excitement into your class with Good Questions April 3, 2013
Josh Hunt has great material for any level of teaching. Good Questions really make members think. Don’t keep teaching with the same methods each week. Try something refreshing. You’re class will be glad you did.
 Incredible study! April 3, 2013
God has used this study to broaden the thinking of our small group. This was just what we needed!
Thanks Josh.Tom Goss

 Excellent study! April 3, 2013
This study has greatly opened up our small group and we have moved into discussions that have grown us spiritually.
Thanks Josh.
Tom Goss
Mile Straight Baptist Church