ActivateConventional Wisdom: Have a small-group specialist on staff who runs the system so that no one else has to worry about it.
Reality: Every person on staff needs to have a part in small groups, especially the lead pastor.
Most lead pastors share a common temptation when it comes to small groups: They want to turn the system over to someone else. They want to give it to a dedicated staff specialist so that they don’t have to deal with it. We know! In theory, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But the truth is that handing the system off too early is the worst thing a pastor can do for a small groups system. As a matter of fact, when it comes to implementing a successful small groups system, every single person on staff has to be involved, starting at the top.
Don’t jump to any conclusions here. If you are the senior pastor of your church, you don’t necessarily have to run the system, but you do have to own it. You have to be its number-one champion.
You have to be engaged in how it is being implemented. And most important, you have to be in the system.
Does that mean you need to lead a group every single semester? No, not unless you want to. But you absolutely must be involved in a group and be quick to encourage everyone you come in contact with to do the same.
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