There has never been a better time to serve God, worship God, study the Bible or be a Sunday School teacher.

Occasionally I hear people pining for the good old days—the days of Leave It to Beaver when everybody went to church. . . or so I am told. I don’t know about you, but I would not have wanted to live any time before air conditioning.

There has never been a better time to serve God.

We have better tools available at lower cost to more people than ever before in history. In a moment you can send a message whirling around the world. A video can go viral and it will be seen by millions. We have better tools for worship, evangelism, Bible study. . . everything we want to do we can do better today than in generations past.

Of course, the Devil has the same tools, and you better believe he is using them. If we don’t pick up the tools available to us and learn to use them, we put ourselv


es at a huge disadvantage.

Jesus was a technology guy. The word we translate carpenter meant a craftsman of any kind. It included metal workers and stone workers. We get our word technology from that word.

Paul said, “I have become all things to all men.” I think if he were alive today he would take advantage of every technology available to him.

Martin Luther was a technology guy. I read a book about him recently. The author pointed out that he preached roughly the same message as Huss a century before him. Huss’ message went nowhere and got him killed. Luther sparked a revolution that changed Europe and the world. The difference? Technology. Luther had a printing press and used it to great advantage.

Today, we are experiencing another revolution in publishing. You hold technology in your hand that can be used for eternal good.

Billy Graham was a technology guy. He used technology to spread the gospel all around the world like no one in human history. Today, our tools are even better. Who will take advantage of them?