IMG_0356From time to time people will call to talk about their Sunday School or church. Nearly always they will say, “I know you are busy, but, could we talk for just a few minutes?” They are usually shocked when I say I am not that busy. I know it sounds un-American. For some, it might sound unspiritual. I actually think it is spiritual. I love that saying: you must ruthlessly remove hurry from your life. I have. I am rarely stressed. I am rarely crazy-busy. I think that is how Jesus lived. I’d invite you to live the same way. Ruthlessly remove hurry.

And, because I am not crazy-buzzy, I am happy for you to call. The truth is, I love talking about church. If you have a church problem you’d like to discuss, give me a ring. My home number is 575.532.9693. (Don’t leave a message; I am bad about not checking those.) My personal cell is 575.650.4564. Oh, and sometimes people ask me if there is a fee. No, there is not a fee, but I do take tips!