Sunday School that excels

Research shows that approximately 86 percent of all who are converted to Christ do so through the influence of a family or friend. This is called Relationship Evangelism or Friendship Evangelism. Therefore, Friend Day is a campaign that takes advantage of this research to help Christians in local churches become “spiritual influences” to reach their friends and to bring them to church where they will hear the gospel and become Christians.

Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia, past president of the Southern Baptist Convention wanted to find out what brought the people of First Woodstock to Christ. Knowing precisely how they came to Christ would help him prepare a strategy to be more effective to reach more. Several thousand were present the Sunday night he did a simple “hand raise” survey. “How many were primarily motivated to receive Christ because of something like a tract, billboard, door hanger, or TV?” Less than 10 people raised a hand. “How many came to Christ because of a pastoral contact?” Again less than 10 hands were raised. “How many were reached through our visitation program?” Again, less than 10 hands were raised. “How many came because of the simple invitation of a friend or relative?” A powerful picture was seen as thousands in the room lifted their hand to show relationship evangelism is the most effective outreach in our contemporary society. There was no question. Johnny Hunt, and everyone present, knew exactly what they needed to do to be most effective in reaching more for Christ. Friends must reach their friends for Christ.
Steve Parr. (2013). Sunday School that Really Excels.