igniteI run into a lot of churches who say, “We feel like our momentum is beginning to wane.” If you can relate, that’s all the more reason to do a big day. Big days build momentum on many levels. First of all, they involve your people in working toward a big push, as I mentioned. That on its own will generate momentum. Second, planning your big day can attract attention from the community. People are drawn to a big event. If they hear about a church that’s planning to do something exciting and fresh, they will talk about it—and, very likely, they will show up to see it happen.

Lastly, a big day builds momentum by propelling you to the next level of growth. If you follow the pre– and post–big day system that will be outlined in these pages, your church will still be significantly bigger three months after the big day than it was before. And then it will be significantly bigger three months after your next big day than it was before that one. See how it works? As you reach more people, you plug more people in to become fully developing followers of Jesus, which gives you the incentive and ability to continue reaching more people . . . and the spiral toward heaven continues.

Church Leader Testimony

At Peckville Assembly of God, we’ve found that big days are one of the best ways of reaching people for Christ and building his church. We’ve learned that people need a specific reason to invite their friends to church.

Terry Drost, Lead Pastor

Peckville Assembly of God (Blakely, PA)

Henson, J. D., & Searcy, N. (2009). Ignite: how to spark immediate growth in your church. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker.