ssinHD_cvrAlong with the MTV strategy there are other strategic actions a class can implement to obey the Great Commission. These actions are simple, basic, and doable so everyone can have some part in helping the class reach others.

• Each class weekly participates in outreach visitation. The class can be represented each week at outreach visitation. It can be the same team of two to three people each week, or the class can implement rotating visitation teams that have one week a month.
• Each class births a new class. By starting new classes, we put more people to work. It expands the organization so we have more teachers, outreach leaders, care group leaders, etc. The more laborers we put in the harvest fields, the more produce we will reap.
• Each adult class sends out members to serve in the preschool, children, and youth departments so they can expand their organization as well.
• Classes move to a different Sunday School hour to open up space at the dominant hour is a way a class can participate in the Great Commission. When we provide additional space for others, then we are partaking of the church’s mission to reach others.
• People parking off campus and riding a shuttle to the church campus is another way we can be active in the Great Commission. Allowing visitors to have a place to park is part of the Great Commission. Visitors will not attend a class or worship service if they can’t park their car.
All of these things are so simple and so achievable. These small acts contribute to the great cause of the Great Commission. It is not that hard because these actions require more attitude than skill. It just takes a little thought and a little sacrifice on our part. If Jesus could go to Calvary to die for the sins of others, surely we can park off campus, teach children, or move to another hour. We can all do something that makes a tangible contribution to the mission Christ gave to us.
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