ssinHD_cvrIt is extremely important that each class have an outreach leader. The class teacher already has much responsibility without taking on additional tasks. The outreach leader should coordinate and direct the class’s outreach efforts in reaching her prospects. Prospects are gathered from those who have visited our worship service or Sunday School, participated in our recreational leagues, attended special church events, helped through our benevolent ministries, etc. These prospects are distributed to classes that match their age and marital status. Our outreach leaders are given ten minutes every week during the Sunday School class time to do three things.

• Distribute prospect cards for the purpose of follow-up by mail, telephone, or visit. It also provides a time to retrieve any cards that need to be turned back in.
• On a monthly basis have someone in the class share a testimony. People who can share their testimony before the class can share it with a class prospect. This provides a great practice field. Hearing a testimony of someone’s salvation experience also fuels the evangelistic fire of others. When you listen to others share how they got saved, it prompts you to want to see other people saved.
• Each adult class is asked to form a Strategic Mission Partnership (SMP) with a foreign missionary. This partnership entails the class praying for the missionary and going to his part of the world to help him with his work. Classes raise their own support to do this. I am thrilled to report that we have hundreds of Sunday School members all over the world in a year’s time. Jesus cast the vision of winning the world when He gave us the Great Commission. He then gave us the strategy by which to accomplish it in Acts 1:8. Adult class outreach leaders lead their classes to be involved in “our” Jerusalem and around the world. They serve as the class “Acts 1:8 strategist.”
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