Sunday School that excelsSunday school books (including my own) tend to be too much about principles and concepts and not enough about stories of actual churches that are growing through the Sunday School. Sunday Schools that Excel is a shinning exception. I love this book.

This would be a great book to study as a staff, or, to take all your teachers through this fall. It is written by a team of writers who tell stories of actual Sunday Schools that are growing today.

Sunday School that Excels has a lot of variety. No matter what your situation, you will find a story you relate to in this book.

Sunday School that Excels is current. A lot of us who do Sunday School training worked in a local church 20 years ago but are not doing so now. You are sometimes left wondering if these principles still work today. After reading Sunday School that Excels, you won’t wonder any more.

I love this book!