SundaySchoolUniversityHow would you like an honest to goodness Bible Scholar to go over your Sunday School lesson with you each week?

I loved seminary. I often felt like, “If they would pay me to do this I would go to school the rest of my life.” Godly men teaching God’s Word . . . what could be better?

One of the best when I was at seminary was Dr. Bill Tolar. He has a talk — Chance or Choice — I bet I have listened to it a dozen times. He represents the best of what Seminary professors were to me — smart, godly and warm.

Well, if you use the Bible Studies for Life Series, you can have Dr. Bill Tolar go over your Sunday School lesson every week. If you use the Explore the Bible Series you could be taught by Dr. Brian Harbour — and equally capable professor.

I have heard about Dr. Harbour and Dr. Tolar’s online video lessons for years and am pleased to heartily recommend them. See for details.