ssinHD_cvrWe must adhere to the principle that maximum involvement equals maximum learning. Everyone should be engaged in the learning process. I have always felt that the greatest thing I could do for my class was to get them to think for themselves. God gave them a mind for a reason. If I could engage them in the learning aspect of the Bible, I always felt my chances of engaging them in the doing aspect of the Bible were greatly enhanced.

We must expand this principle and realize that maximum involvement equals maximum learning, and maximum learning equals maximum obedience. When people discover truth for themselves, they are more apt to obey that truth. Of course, the opposite is true. A lack of involvement produces a lack of learning. Spoon-fed truth is not often digested. Therefore, using a variety of methods becomes a must for every teacher. Everyone does not learn the same way. As more methods are used, more people can connect with the lesson. As members connect, they become more interested, more involved, and consequently, more obedient.
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