Sunday School that excelsDoing multicultural Sunday School-Evangelism can be the most challenging and exciting type of ministry today. It fits the model of what God says heaven will ultimately look like. It looks like the reconciliation depiction that Christ so vigorously lived and died for. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ incarnate today. The momentary challenges of cultural conflict do not outweigh the significant consequences of people of diversity working together for the Kingdom’s sake. Nothing communicates clearer the love of Christ than people loving one another. There will always be homogeneous congregations, but heterogeneous congregations raise the bar concerning what the Lord is expecting of the church.

You can’t develop this kind of church without God’s help. Perhaps that is why the Lord has established the cultural divide- not to keep us apart, but to understand that we can’t achieve oneness with one another or with Him without His guiding hand. While the Bible commands the church to go into all of the world, there are many communities in North America where the world is coming to them. It is happening all around us naturally. The opportunity for ministry is one where there is no failure. The only failure is not trying. The church of the future in North America in a multi-cultural community will become more the norm than a phenomenon. Perhaps your Sunday school is being called by God to excel in reaching people in a multi-cultural community. It is being done in Vacaville, California and it can happen in your community too if you will follow God’s lead!
Steve Parr. (2013). Sunday School that Really Excels.