MakingSmallGroupsWorkIt is incredible what this one act, confession, does for us. When we add repentance, then the process of growth within groups gets even more powerful.

•       We get a change of mind about the seriousness of our sin.
•       We submit at a deeper level to the “bosshood” of God and his lordship.
•       We get a new direction that is less self-destructive.
•       We are held accountable before the group.
•       We gain a new understanding of God’s ways.
•       The destruction stops.
•       We develop self-control and impulse control.
•       We go down a path of living out his commandments and thus realize the truth that sets us free.
•       We get more connected to each other in a supportive role to maintain our repentance and lean on each other.
In other words, these two simple disciplines powerfully move us toward reconciliation of the creation.

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