I am getting where I say this at the beginning of the two small groups I am leading these days. It is a kind of vision casting for what I want the group to be.

I don’t like a small group that is dominated by a few talkers. I want everyone to participate and no one to dominate.

It always worries me when someone doesn’t say anything. I get that some people are shy and don’t want to talk as much. Still, I want everyone to participate, but no one to dominate.

The one exception is me, the leader. I think the leader ought to dominate.

That is why we call him the leader. When I lead, I like to talk about half the time. Last night I did a little more—too much for my taste. I want a group where everyone participates but no one dominates.

You might use this saying to vision cast for your group. Say it at the beginning of every session: everyone participates; no one dominates.