Imagine this scene. You go to work with a book on Prayer in your hand—something to read if you get some extra time during lunch.

A co-worker sees it on the desk and ask about it.

“That is a book we are studying at church. It is a New York Times best seller.”

Do you think he is interested?

People like books.

People like New York Times best sellers.

If a group of us would cooperate we could get any book on the New York Times best seller list.

When Auxano Press released Pray Like It Matters, we got just a few churches to promote it  on the same Sunday. We dropped the price of the Kindle version to .99. We asked the pastors to stand in the pulpit and say, “Get out your cell phones. I want to invite you to buy a great new book on prayer. It will change your life. You will also be helping to get a book on Christian Prayer to the top of the best seller list.”

We got Pray Like It Matters to be the #1 best seller in the Prayer category on Amazon, beating out catholic books and New Age books. It stayed there for weeks.

Imagine the possibilities.

A book on Practical Christian Living, based on the book of James and written by Johnny Hunt is coming this fall. I’d like to ask you to help us get a book on Practical Christian Living to the top of best seller list. I think that would glorify God and expand his Kingdom.