In Matthew 18, Jesus was talking to His disciples about disciplining sinful members of the church. It was in that context that He gave a special word about the power of unity, especially related to prayer. He said that when just two believers agreed together in what they were asking in prayer, it would be granted to them. Of course, the answer was contingent upon whether or not they were praying in accordance with God’s will (cf. 1 Jn. 5:14-15). But the point was this – there is power in unity. God promises to send His manifest presence when two or three gather in His name and agree in prayer!

Discovering the Power of a Prayer Partner

When I was in college at Union University, one of my roommates and I began praying over a list of prayer requests for several nights every week. We each put about six requests on the list, and then began to lift them up to the Lord in prayer. That list included some of our fellow students who did not know Christ. We prayed over those requests consistently for an entire semester. It was not long before I befriended one of the young men for whom we were praying. I began sharing the Gospel with him. That spring, Billy Graham held a crusade in Memphis. That student and I attended together and I had the privilege of leading him to faith in Christ at the stadium. I am convinced that God used our prayers to help bring about his conversion. I experienced first-hand the power of having a prayer partner.

That incident was life-changing for me. Since then, I have had many prayer partners. I believe that “spiritual synergy” occurs when two or more people begin to pray passionately in agreement over the same requests.

Magnifying the Power of Our Prayers

Praying together with another believer is similar to the concept of a magnifying glass. Under normal conditions, light passes to a surface without being focused. But when someone uses a magnifying glass and focuses the light and its energy on a specific spot, something powerful happens. That focused light held steadily on one spot of a dry piece of paper can actually burn a hole in it. The magnifying glass harnesses the energy and focuses it until it becomes a potent force.

Praying with a prayer partner works in a similar way. Throughout the Bible there are multiple examples of people praying together in agreement as they ask God to answer their prayers.