Would you like a hassle free way to raise some money for your youth group, your mission’s project, your church or yourself?

Let me show you how this works, using myself as an example. Go to www.joshhunt.com Scroll down and look in the right side bar. Look for where my books are on Amazon. Click on any one of them. Once on Amazon, buy anything you want. I will get a small sliver of the action. (About 7%; it is a sliding scale. The more you sell, the more you make.) I make about a hundred dollars a month this way. Thank you.

Here is how you set it up for you to make money for your cause. Go to the very bottom of any Amazon page. Look for the link that says, “Become an affiliate.” Set up an account and follow the instructions from there.

The end of the process will be to put a link or widget on your site. Put this on your church’s web page. Tell everyone about it. Announce it every week for a month. If you are raising money, say, for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, you might mention it for four weeks from Thanksgiving on.

People are buying on Amazon anyway. You can get almost anything on Amazon. If you get a bunch of people doing this, it could be some real money. What a time to be alive.

Oh, and if you don’t care about raising money for your cause, my ministry could use the support. Just click through the Amazon link on www.joshhunt.com before you make a purchase. Thank you.