You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or LessGroups that have nine or more parties a year are more than twice as likely (104%) to be growing than a low-fellowship group—those with four or less gatherings a year. The group that parties together grows together.

So it’s time to take parties seriously—at least in terms of helping your groups to grow. Have fun, and be intentional about it.

Parties can, and should, take on a wide variety of forms:

• Short and long. Parties can be Sunday brunch or a weekend retreat.

• Expensive and cheap. Usually cheap is better, and easier to do often. But if it’s a Valentine’s Day dinner, Red Lobster might work better than Burger King.

• Guy things and gal things. Stereotypically, we think of things like sporting events for guys, and shopping for the ladies. But do whatever works best for your particular group.

• Fun things as well as service things. Ministry and/or outreach projects can be included in this list.

• Seasonal events such as New Year’s parties

• Anytime events. Have a party just because.

There are biblical reasons, as well as sociological ones, why groups that party together grow together. Let’s look at the biblical reasons first.

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