Sunday School that excels

A new book I am pleased to be a contributor.

The Midwest is considered a “pioneer” area by our denomination because fewer evangelical congregations are present. Here are three quick illustrations of other “pioneer” area churches that have excelled using Sunday school and have continually experienced growth by adding new classes. The following reports were provided in 2011:

1. FBC, New Haven IN: Added two new groups and attendance grew from thirty-five to sixty-five in one year according to Pastor David Trimble.

2. Barrington Ridge BC, Hobart IN: By encouraging one class of fifteen senior ladies to add a second class for the new second Sunday school hour, the attendance doubled for that age group alone. Jacob Lynch, the Minister of Education, pointed out that total attendance in Sunday school has increased from sixty-five to 140.

3. Hillcrest BC, Carlisle OH: Six Sunday school classes were added last year and attendance increased from 280 to 350 according to church secretary Betty Terry.

The Barrington Ridge pastor, Mitch Whidden, said, “When I came to Hobart three years ago, I thought that I would have to establish a week day small group strategy to reach people for Christ, but I found that the Sunday school model has been the most effective time and tool for reaching the families of northwest Indiana.”
Steve Parr. (2013). Sunday School that Really Excels.