Sunday School that excels

A new book I am pleased to be a contributor.

Pastor Sid Samples states that it is “vital that a church have a high quality and committed leader to serve as a Sunday School Director, and Bill McCall is that type of a person.” He feels most Sunday School Directors see their role as merely “a position to fill and a program to glibly run. Bill’s commitment to his role as Sunday School Director is in massive contradistinction to that mindset.”

Pastor Samples recounts the qualities that he identified in Bill McCall that caused him to pursue Bill as his partner in building a strong Sunday school. Three traits were obvious in Bill. First, he possesses a great passion for spiritual matters. Bill’s priority of an active and dedicated walk with Christ affects every aspect of his life, including his church, his position as volunteer Sunday School Director, and his gracious and kind treatment of people.

The second trait that drew Pastor Sid to enlist Bill McCall as Sunday School Director was that he is a committed and dependable leader. Bill McCall does what leaders are supposed to do. He is committed to being fruitful and effective in his work. He strives to learn the position and gives attention to details that pertain to it. He arrives to church focused and prepared to do his job. He is punctual in his responsibilities and duties. He is dependable in every aspect of his relationship to his church.

The third characteristic that stands out in Bill McCall is that the members at New Life Church follow Bill in his leadership position as Sunday School Director. The congregation has gifted Bill with “followship.” The church views their director as a key leader due to his commitment and love for the church and its work. The Sunday school teachers and officers respect him because he is a servant and does all within his means to assist and undergird them. Because he is gracious, kind, and winsome in his dealings with them, they are motivated to partner with him in building a great, small group ministry.
Steve Parr. (2013). Sunday School that Really Excels.