It is not enough to teach what Jesus taught; we must teach how Jesus taught. Jesus taught in such a way as to turn the world upside down.
Jesus didn’t have an outreach program. He didn’t do marketing. He didn’t contact absentees. He didn’t seem to worry about attendance. And yet they came. Boy, did they come.

I have spent the last twelve years crisscrossing the country telling groups how they can double every two years or less. Occasionally, I visit classes. Often, they are good, but all too often it doesn’t take too much effort to see why Sunday School is failing—and this is a problem an outreach program will not solve. They are failing because the teaching is crummy. It is nowhere close to what I describe in You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less as “half-way decent teaching.” It is in a different time zone from the teaching of Jesus.

This book is an effort to examine the teaching style of Jesus with a view to helping teachers teach more like Jesus. Who wouldn’t want that?

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“No one ever taught like Jesus. When we learn from Him we truly are learning from the Master Teacher. Josh Hunt is uniquely qualified to help us teach like Jesus because these are the practices he has personally used for years! Anyone who wants to become a better teacher must have this book!”
Allan Taylor
Author, Sunday School in HD

I have had the pleasure of hearing Josh teach this material in person and I can assure you that it always has an impact on the audience. It is both entertaining and informative. It will challenge you to communicate more effectively. It is biblically based and practically oriented. Your teaching will be improved if you follow the suggestions included in these pages. Here’s the good news. The book is as entertaining and informative as the live presentation! Buy it! Read it! Teach like Jesus!
Ken Hemphill
Author, The Prayer of Jesus

If you want to be the best teacher you can possibly be, Teach Like Jesus. That is not only a wonderful title for a book on how to teach, that is the secret to becoming the greatest teacher you can become. Anyone who wants to have a greater ministry in teaching, should read this book.
Elmer Towns
Co Founder, Liberty University
Lynchburg, Virginia

When it comes to teaching the Bible, nobody knows his stuff any better than Josh Hunt. Josh’s new book, Teach Like Jesus, is a must read for every pastor, Sunday School director, minister of education, and Sunday School teacher out there. Josh combines years of experience, biblical analysis, and spiritual insight to provide a resource for teachers in the 21st century. But Teach Like Jesus is not just a book about theory. Woven throughout the book are practical ideas of how to put concept into reality.
Bob Mayfield
Sunday School and Discipleship
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

I read everything Josh has to say about teaching, group life and discipleship. This is his very best! Every member of our staff will be reading this and I am planning to get a copy for the majority of our volunteer teachers. It will make them better! Josh provides literally hundreds of applicable ideas, reminders, tips and “how-to’s” to help your teaching be “the best”!
Jeff Young
Prestonwood Church,
Dallas, TX

Order Teach Like Jesus from Amazon.