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You only have to sell about 3500 books to become a number one bestseller on Amazon. Here is the kicker—you have to do this in a day.

One strategy is to discount your book to $.99 and stand before your people with this message:

As your pastor, I’d like to ask for $.99 favor. Would you give me a dollar? I don’t actually want your dollar. I’d like to ask you to buy my book which is on sale today for $.99. If a bunch of us will buy this book today, you will help us get this message out to thousands who are not here today.

The key to selling books on Amazon is selling books on Amazon. Once we get a few thousand books sold, Amazon will help us get this message out there. Take out your smart phones right and show some love to your pastor. Would you do me a .99 favor by buying my book?

Alternatively, you might have a staff member give this spiel on your behalf.

Few people in our society have the opportunity that pastors have today. Many of you stand before hundreds of people every week who would eagerly buy your book. The writing process is easier than it has ever been. Does anyone remember writing on a typewriter? I do. Dictating this book into Microsoft Word is exponentially easier. Editing is easier than it has ever been. Remember? Wite-Out® Distribution to a wide audience at an economical price is possible for the first time in history. We will be talking about all of these things with enough detail to get you going, while keeping this a short read. It is not that complicated.

It may feel like vanity to want to publish a book. In fact, they used to call this vanity publishing. We’ll talk about that subject next.

A Pastor’s Quick Guide will show you how you can get your completed manuscript on Amazon in both print and Kindle version in about an hour.