JH_Book_Disciple300Teaching is all about the class. It is about creating a certain kind of result in the student. It is about helping people live a certain kind of life. This life is variously knows and the disciple’s life, the spirit-filled life, the abundant life, the fully devoted follower , the normal Christian life, (Watchman Nee) and many other similar terms. This life is has certain distinguishable characteristics.

●         It is about creating people who are hiding God’s word in their heart so that they do not sin against God.

●         It is about helping people to know their spiritual gift and minister in the area of their giftedness.

●         It is about helping people to develop effective people skills so that they get along with others.

●         It is about teaching people to confess their sins one to another that they may find healing. (James 5:16)

●         It is about cultivating a fiery hot passion for God.

●         It is about helping people to effectively parent their children.

●         It is about creating marriages that sizzle rather than fizzle.