JH_Book_Double (Custom) (222)Let me invite you to see the big picture. We have a teacher who is teaching a half way decent lesson each and every week, challenging people toward living the disciple’s life. Beside the teacher is someone who is planning a fellowship every month — bowling this month, and so on. Beside the fellowship leader is someone who is inviting every member of the class to these fellowships. People who might otherwise have become inactive remain part of the group because of these regular contacts. Beside the fellowship leader is an outreach leader who is inviting prospects for the class to attend these fellowships. Beside the outreach leader are two hospitality leaders who are giving every other Friday night to Jesus. They are opening their homes and playing cards and eating coffee cake and sipping Diet Coke and laughing a lot. They invite absentees and prospects that from the inreach leader and outreach leaders. Leading and supporting them is a class president who organizes the whole thing. Most important, we have a prayer leader who is bathing the whole process is prayer.

This group can easily double every two years or less. They can do it without doing violence to who God has made them to be. They can do it within the context of each one’s spiritual gifts. They can do it without sacrificing time for family life. They can do it, and it can be fun.

With groups functioning together like this, we can take our nation for God.

What a glorious sight: each person using his or her gifts to grow his or her group. Advancing the kingdom together.
Josh Hunt. (1995). You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less.