JH_Book_Disciple300Teaching is difficult. We are warned that many of us should not attempt the climb because it is so very difficult.

The task of teaching is so difficult Jesus himself decided to take on only 12 students. He taught them around the clock for three years. Near the end of that time, he said, “I have so much more to tell you.” On another occasion he expressed frustration, “How long will I have to put up with [your immaturity]” Teaching is hard work!

If you don’t believe it, begin this week’s lesson with this question: “What did you do about last week’s lesson?” I will bet you a nickel I can predict their response. You will get blank stares. In almost every case they will not have done anything about it because they do not even remember last week’s lesson. Attitudes are not changed, actions have not changed, beliefs have not changed. This is normal stuff in the real world of church life. I know. I have asked groups what they did about last week’s lesson. I have seen the blank stares. Teaching is difficult.

This book is about making disciples through the Sunday School. It is a daunting task to be sure. We have one hour a week to influence lives for the other 167 hours. This is the pivotal hour of the week. I want to show you how we can use this hour to create difference making people. With difference making people, we can change the world. This is what God told us to do. I want to be in that number.